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Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
R1shooter is Daniel Lombard - the disgraced "too corrupt for Chicago" cop and stolen-valor "fake commando".
I know who he is, I was hoping the DSA "rep" would answer.

To the DSA "Rep" I saw for myself a DSA receiver that was so out of spec (bolt rails) that even I who is not a gunsmith could see the problem.

Mark AKA Gunplumber AKA Arrogant Bastard will not varnish the truth and will freely admit when he is wrong or is not familiar with something. I would trust Marks results long before yours (once you PROVE to be committed to fixing problems I will change my outlook) or R1Shooters lies and slandering.

So again does Daniel Lombard AKA R1Shooter represent DSA or not?
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