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As usual I am late to the party.

Bolt carrier
Right side: UB A79375 (upside down)
Top: Enfield E inside D then D 58 960-2107
Inside: (Rat tail to left)
top line reading vertically (Rat tail up-1200) Enfield D 161. 29 space 29 space 30
2nd line reading normal (Rat tail to left-0900): Arch, 356 space, bottom of a 3, 7, Triangle with arrow proof mark? hard to tell.

Small stamp on the end of the ridge, inside left side where breech face has an uncut area at the 1-2 O'Clock on the front of the bolt carrier.

I hope this help, since it is the first one that I have inspected. I plan to use it in my 50.63 when I use the fixed stock.
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