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Guys, moses brought a prototype to his match last weekend along with one of the guys from the molder. It was sweet. We test fit it in various FALs at the match and it went right in. The material seems to be very tough and durable. Even with all of the test fitting done, there were no wear marks at all. The ergonomics are awesome, felt really go in the hand. No slippage at all with the ribs and the surface texture. A really nice feature is the ease of field stripping it for cleaning. The base pad provides a substantial surface to grab on to when pulling them from a mag pouch (I like base pads up in the pouch). And they seem to work equally well in Inch FALs along with the metrics. The followers appear to be anti-tilt and slide easily up and down in the body. Unfortunately, the followers won't fit into metal mag bodies, but maybe the design can be modified slightly for another 922 part for those of us that have a ton of metal mags.

I spoke with the molder guy about its basic construction and found out the body is a one piece molding. Not two halves glued together, so no seam to fail. These are quality mags and I have already decided to up the number I'll purchase. Just counting down the days.
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