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Kevin this one came out of a CAI sporter from the early 1990's

Breech block Left handside SMB-S453
Letter in Diamond-E
Markers Symbol-D over E(stamped at rear of NSN part number)
NSN part number-960-2104

Right handside-D over number stamp-D23 and D107
Triangle on a verticle line/1
Number 107 under a broad arrow etched

I can barely make out an engraved + symbol, with what appears to be a R in the upper Left quadrant, 5 in the upper right quadrant, A in the lower left quadrant, and what very lightly appears to be a 6 in the lower right quadrant.
At the top of the + is a Box symbol

Underside of breech block- nothing visable as is was refinished
Top of breech block- nothing

Breech Block carrier rightside;
Proof mark- AC, an indistinguishable mark to the right of these
Marker Symbols-B
NSN Number-960-2107
Crossed Flags proof mark
Stamped broad arrow point up, with a triangle next to it

Underside of carrier appears to have a lightly stamped 15 or l5

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