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Originally posted by frtyfivsevnty
[*](bolt) D over 209
Inspectors pass mark
[*](bolt)Partial number one unreadable character and 15?
probably Inspectors pass mark
[*](bolt)diamond with an E inside.

[*](bolt)S15 58
S15 = Steel Batch Mark
58 = year of manufacture (1958)

[*](carrier)S226 57
S226 = Steel Batch Mark
57 = year of manufacture (1957)

[*](carrier)diamond with E inside
uncertian what this means
[*](carrier)D over 161
Inspectors pass mark
[*](carrier)D over 197
Inspectors pass mark
[*](carrier)2 and two other unreadable characters
probably Inspectors pass mark

The proof marking is probably very lightly electro penciled on the RH side of the breech block
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