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Originally Posted by Bakwa352 View Post
You make it sound so easy. LOL
I'm with you though.

I actually passed up a 1903a3 this morning for $900 at a show. It had an original barrel, but it was slightly frosty. Not sure if it would have been what I want accuracy wise with the barrel being an old two grove either.

I do think I'll keep an eye out for a project rifle though. After picking up a new barrel for it, I probably would be close to the cost of a freshly built a4 repro by one of these companies anyway.
Good 4 groove barrels are usually around $100 on gunbroker. As long as you don't go in with the mindset of having to have NOS parts or the "correct" parts, projects are obtainable. If you want the "correct" route, buying the finished product will always be cheaper.
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