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Where to 1903a4?

I have this fantasy of picking up a 1903 rifle as a piece of history, maybe hunting with it, and printing decent groups [1.5MOA] on target with it. So I figure a 1903a4 would probably be the best candidate to start out with.

So where can I get a solid reproduction 1903a4 at? I've been looking into Rock Ridge, Mitchell, Gibbs, Creedmoor, James River, etc... I'm not sure if any are better than the next. The ready availability of any of the above is come and go as well. Does anyone here have any suggestions of what 1903 would be a better build or use better parts over another?
Maybe it would be a good idea to re-barrel a random 1903 and turn it into what I want?

I've only shot other peoples 1903's at the range enough to know that I really like them, and of course they look sexy.

I want a good shooter but don't really know what I'm looking for, so any help is appreciated.
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