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Originally Posted by the gman View Post
Lighten up Francis. Scopolamine along with other so called "truth serums" are actually nothing of the sort. They have never been conclusively proven to work in getting people to reveal their inner secrets so rest easy, SPECTRE wasn't making an appearance that night. News flash: not everything you see on TV or in the movies is real, true or accurate...

As to the rest of it? Absolutely agree he shouldn't have drunk to excess but a couple of scoops to get loose before banging the crap out of a hooker? I can see it. Doesn't mean I agree with it and I would expect a guy with his level of responsibility to be a tad more circumspect.

Rolex? Ahh, they aren't what they used to be and I prefer Breitling but ego? How about all the guys who pop for G Series FAL's or Infinity pistols? Or own BMW or Mercedes or other high end vehicles? Egotistical or take pleasure in a fine piece of machinery? For me, with a much reduced income than in the past and a family to maintain, such toys (for that is what they are) are very low down on my list of shit I have to own but once upon a time, they weren't and I enjoyed the hell out of the nice cars, guns and yes, watches. YMMV.
"Lightening up" is exactly what foreign intell agencies want too. Makes their task far easier. I won't lighten up on this particular guy,because he is supposed to be the smartest guy in the room. The one who schools others snares and traps. A guy this stupid is a very east target. Fire him.
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