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If true, it reveals this guy for who he is.

In the pic is Seth Rich and so is Wasserman Schultz's Pakistani computer expert, and 3 hrs later, Rich is assassinated.

Manson was in up to his eyeballs with the counter-intell forces from Russia, and he must be a freakin idiot who just takes order from Obama and Hillary, or he is a clever rascal.

This all fortuitous exposure, just when the upper level of Deep State people do not want any such incident.

Manson ALSO lost his service weapons BEFORE, for the first time, that very same night Rich was killed--the night in that photo. Very convenient that his weapons disappear after Rich is killed.

Now he loses his weapons again?

This may be cover for another hit that Manson did, and is using this drunken episode, as a cover to deflect attention form where he actually was, for the 3 hours he was supposedly drunk and rolled by a whore.
I wonder if he knew Scalia?
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