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Originally Posted by the gman View Post
A good friend of mine is the Special Agent in Charge of the local FBI office and he makes north of $150K a year. The guy in the story is considerably higher up on the food chain, probably earning over $200K so forking over $6K for a Rolex isn't that big of a deal if he isn't married with children. Should have had the hooker hold his dick all night; hard to swipe yer wallet if both hands are on the tower of power...
No,what he should have done is not drink alcohol,and not fall for women going to his room with him.This guy should be terminated from employment. This is common sense 101 for somebody in that occupation,and that far up the ladder. Imagine if she slipped him scopolamine,she could access all sorts of national interest intell. The Rolex screams "ego". There are government agencies the world over just drooling for rubes this easy. We seriously,need to plug these security holes with concrete.
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