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Originally Posted by oleblu72 View Post
Got my receivers today all fit and look good although one has a slight high spot right in the middle of the receiver making it fit just a little tight. I don't know if this could cause trouble down the road as it heats up from shooting or not, all & all still a good deal.

Have had more than one upper from variety of companies that bolt was anywhere from very snug to could not pound in upper with a hammer. If worried about it can can mail to me and will relieve the high spot for you as documented in another recent thread on uppers. Will even pay return shipping. Do free upper work from squaring, repairs and total rebuilds for free all the time as keeps me occupied and doesn't cost me money working on personal builds that causes me to buy parts.

Am a tad behind because last nerve block was the area have worst issue and surgeon went "all in" on the radio frequency burn on two nerve bundles and then loaded the area up with steroids which put me in the bench since Wednesday before last. About to go into office second time this week to check email and come home. Plan to go back to full time work next week as have jobs that can't wait any longer. Did bring all my old half terabyte external backup drives home and two spindles of CD's and DVD's with archived photos scattered over decades from film scans, print scans and digital DSLR's plus pnone pics.

Purchased a four terabyte drive and as felt decent been transferring and organizing photos to prep for fixing my websites. Several years ago deleted over 100 pages from websites due to a company who was stealing my higher resolution photos intended people to use for wallpaper and personal as my copyright statement on every page clearly states not for commercial use without permission. So going to repair and update all five existing sites, finish the two new ones working on and start new ones as time allows.

Will give thumbnails with medium resolution watermarked images if people want to see a full screen size image but won't be enough resolution for posters. One of my vendors has five framed posters with images of mountain climbers and other genres with motivational quotes am sure the authors were not paid for use. Told me not to put on Internet if didn't want them to use and was welcome to come sue them for copyright infringement in California. Didn't have six figures to flush in legal costs so now my sites look like crap from the flushing of 1/3 of the pages which had used high resolution photos instead of low resolution as had done initially. People asked for better pictures and decided to cater to my audience.

Knocking down your high spot and squaring the receiver will take about 20 minutes if want to send it to me toward end of next week. Will be happy to fix it up as have four upper sitting next to vice to lap right now and still have to pick up the slick side DPMS Lo Pro uppers at Post Office.
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