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Have a half dozen "slick side" Smith M&P 15's. Five NIB and one pulled to run just for grins wit out any issues. Have three heavy barrel varmint builds with no forward assist or dust cover and some of my "junk box" builds are built on Smith "slick side" uppers where owner bought due to inexpensive price then replaced upper at later date with Palmetto blem. Thus currently have one factory Smith slick side and two builds using take off slick side uppers got for free. Have three DPMS Lo Pro slick side heavy wall upper builds and have two more of the DPMS sitting at Post Office waiting for me to get out of house from last nerve block and pick up. At $29.99 I will probably add a couple of the Smith slick side uppers to next CDNN order.

Can't remember using forward assist for anything but other than making sure it functioned. If we're to need to nudge bolt on a slick side just place thumb in scallop of bolt carrier to push bolt forward. On a life or death rifle that might be dragging through mud and using crappy ammo would prefer a forward assist and dust cover. 90% of time neither is needed and anytime I build a heavy barrel varmint rifle it goes on a no forward assist, dust cover delete upper. Structural metal has to be removed for dust cover recess and when hang a five pound barrel off front of rifle want all the meat I can get on my uppers. Most builds forward assist is of no real use and will notice some high end accuracy companies sell forward assist delete kits that give you a plug to cover the forward assist hole.
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