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I will help you, eBay has some secrets and once learned can leverage for deals. One is the misspelled word search and mislisted topic search. Looking for an ACH MICH helmet? Instead of armor or current militarily look in collectibles for "bullet proof hemet" now do that with a dozen common misspellings. Then find the person with item want listed for too much, when listing ends keep watching and after third complete cycle without a bid contact seller and tell them willing to make offer. Had guy with seven ACH MICH helmets (advertised as "bullet proof helmet" no more info, pictures of one saying representative of all others at $90 each. A few messages swapped and discovered had removed the Wilcox night vision mount and helmet cover to take pictures. All seven had Wicox one screw mounts, covers, Team Wendy padding systems and two were high ear with N Rails. Also said two had these odd octopus looking things on front. Offered him $70 each and would take all. He sent a PayPal invoice for $490.00, paid him and seven near perfect ACH MICH helmets showed up with mix of digital ACU and woodland covers, Wilcox mount on each standard, three hole mounts on the high ears with N Rails and Norotoros night vision mounts with J-Arms that connect to anything with standard tripod threaded mounting hole. Well over $1,500 in head gear. Since way heavy sold three of seven for $125 each keeping the N.V. mounts and swapping covers to some Chinese made airsoft covers got stuck with. Left me with two high ear and two best standards for $115 and extra covers for my other helmets. Have to wheel and deal, watch a lot of auctions and people with bulk are motivated if offer to take all of their items.

Today made deal for a pile of 0.050", 0.080", 0.125" & 0.250" 10"12" 6AL4V Titanium Plates along with some mixed thickness 6"6" & 11"13" plates. Seller agreed to round corners on all and dropped over $500 on what would have been $1,200 if done the fleabay "buy now" option. Been trying to figure out how to round corners before sew in Kevlar covers and experiment. If works will be making my own special threat plates soon. They said can feed me scraps in size ranges want by the hundreds. Find what want, someone with quantity or mislisted and offer to clean them out even if have to find friends to split deals with or sell a few for fair price and reduce cost of yours.
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