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As of 8:00 am this morning had to declare my mannequin officially dead, taken all the abuse possible and not a single male mannequin with head on local Craigslist. Have to prep another by routing out a 4"10"12" area front and back to press sculpters clay for measuring backface signature. Any armor that has a dent in clay that bottoms out 4" is a fail as shot would have taken wearer out of the fight with blunt force trauma. Also have hollowed sections in groin and under chin to catch spall off hard armor. First time shot an AR 500 steel plate with three 7.6251 NATO Ball round the spall almost ripped his head off.

Anyone who believes in steel armor with truck bed liner as spall protection needs to set up a plate, put watermelon about where head would be located and cantaloupe where family jewels located. Bust three rounds then measure dents in rear of armor, then dissect melons unless spall did it without you cutting open. First round is reasonable but knocks huge chunk, if not most of liner off and subsequent rounds are like small hand grenades going off under you chin. Throat, chin, jaws and face get shredded. Steel armor with level 2 Kevlar bonded to front well and high density closed cell foam on rear will pass but costs as much as good plates and weighs double. Kevlar has to be glued well, a panel or spall runs up plate between panel and plate concentrating shrapnel under chin at throat.

Called about a few male mannequins and thus far all are hollow, no heads or not big enough to do job. This morning had some officers issue Russian titanium to test in 4"4" overlapping scales like Dragon Skin Armor. Drove two of the scales through mannequin breaking him in half. Going to make good content for new website. All the testing, Photoshop work and ExpressionWeb design work is tiring. May take till next spring to launch properly. Don't want it looking like my sites look after ripping over 100 pages of content down due to people stealing content. Don't mind links but stealing an using as own pisses me off. Having to learn how to set up pictures where can be linked but not downloaded and used except with screen capture and that can't be stopped. Plenty of female mannequins may have to get female and do a chainsaw mastectomy. Something seems wrong about that..

Wife knew today was going to not be 100% work productive today when saw me sorting through these piles this morning. Also had a big box of magazine pouches, IFAK's, radio pouches, combat knives and such. Only thing asked was if had a new rifle kit and replies a couple. Only plan on bringing two home so why worry her about me possibly spending the entire day playing with armor. Will get my work done too.

Going to bring one of the completed Brit full coverage kits, one Brit IOTV copy and one U.S. IOTV woodland and one black front opening police issue rifle kit home. Leaving one of each at work also as backups in case we bug out to concrete building or house burns, don't lose everything. Keep 25% of everything at work which is 90% more than most have total.
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