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Have seen the things research physicists have to build. Unless they are issued a machinist with each lab and a EE with a commercial electrician helping then the systems they build are stunning. I doubt unless in a dot gov lab they have the luxury of a machinest, EE to do wiring design work and electrician to pull wire thus most must have a wide set of skills. Especially designing classified systems as don't just send a shop drawing to a local machine shop. I am so far behind on the math have to read the proper theory, look at the math like a Picasso then read conclusions and assume all the funny symbols in the middle did prove their published theory. String theory... super string 10 dimensions, supergravity 11 dimensions or 26 dimension spacetime? Will one really develop into a grand unification theory? That should be easy enough to explain to a layperson in manner can understand without using higher math. Not a chance with me, capacitance is the edge for me. Calculating the area of a Vortex in second year calculus was where I lost my dot mil contract and left college. For the way curvature of earth affects ground wave radio signals can use charts instead of doing the math. Luckily if know the height of two towers can easily calculate maximum signal without skip, for voltage drop over a given diameter conductor per foot makes that easy so don't have to know how to do any math to achieve my needs anymore. Just enter caliber, muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient and few other numbers of load; then length of barrel, rate of twist, type of rifling into ballistic app and save for each load and rifle. Choose load, choose rifle in drop down then push button on range finder, hold up anenometer, enter two numbers into boxes and firing solution for a coyote comes up in microseconds. What would Sgt York think of us modern day yote killers?

Unsure if it's worth starting back learning at age 54 except as a hobby because will be too near death to use the knowledge by time got caught up and believe God will lay it all out easy when meet him. Imagine the mathematician that cat is? To launch the big bang and use cosmic inflation in a controlled manner to get it started without it running away was a serious powerplay. Like the part in the Bible where says God is going to whack the entire thing and push the reset button for another go around. How could those uneducated fisherman have gotten that part of the universe ending and restarting right and early man gotten big bang and passed it down by word of mouth till Moses wrote it down without divine communication? Am one of the freakish people that can't find conflict between science and religion. Some try to date the earth Biblically without knowing if Adam and Eve were in the Garden for 100, 1,000, 10,000 or 10 million years before exiled. They had enough kids to populate the earth, Cain and Able were not their first as God said "from now own, woman will experience pain in childbirth" insinuating it had happened without pain many times before the fall. Survival of the soul after death, consider it more important than survival on this planet. Multiple dimensions occupying the same space at the same time really brings Heaven and hell, Angels and demons in our midst a scientific bases in reality as opposed to just blind faith, which have that too. I like physics and archeology as both seem to prove more of the Bible right than wrong.
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