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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Don't give up, I want to leverage your physics degree. Am pissed I dropped out of college as think if had shifted majors from an EE/Lit double major to physics would possibly have been interested enough to finish school. Try my best to stay current with theoretical papers coming out but my higher math skills went due to lack of use, head injury falling off tower, seven years on multiple opiods plus chemo or combination of all with them being somewhat weak to start with.

As to survival, we need to discuss the pole pigs more as someone who has a stream or spillway of pond or lake half mile or so away and can't figure out how to tap it for hydroelectric and get the power to house a pair of pigs is their answer. Can generate power from the distamt running water,....
Wind is obviously intermittent. I would go solar with battery bank (as you seem to have.) I've heard deep cycle marine batteries are good for this but I have no first hand knowledge.

You'll be hard pressed to get useful hydroelectric unless you can build a big enough damn. Most stream and rivers don't have the flow rate necessary to generate useful amounts of electricity. You need the big gravitational potential energy loss afforded by a damn. If you are supplying energy to a working load, the generator gets harder and harder to turn, in addition to some back emf which acts like friction.

I'm not expert in these systems and haven't built them, but am familiar with operating theory. You probably know more about safety considerations for working with high voltage.

You didn't miss out on anything not getting a degree. Most of these early folks who contributed to physics were tinkerers like you and not necessarily maintaining formal degrees.
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