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Finally checked in, these arrived today before left to Atlanta. Had gotten a sample before, shot one over crusty level 2a armor panel over fifteen years old and stopped high pressure 40 Smith which is my benchmark along with 357 Magnum specialty loads that exceed 357 SIG exterior ballistics. From my testing of common current carry handguns and police issue the 40 Smith and 357 SIG are the most likely to shred soft armor and soft trauma plates. There are some really nice 9mm projectiles now so even 3a without a special threat plate can be compromised by over 50 over the counter common semi-auto handgun rounds at present. Plates are mandatory or may as well leave the armor at home unless perp shops at Wallyworld or carries a 380 or 38 and smaller.

These are 6"9" but will shoehorn in a lot of 5"8" pockets if sewer gives you a tad extra room. The 6"9" size has become my favorite size based on daily wear of armor. At surgical center they laugh when take my armor off to put on gown as does not fit in their garment bags and they have to hang next to all the garment bags for other patients to see. The outer half inch of any panel or plate is not rated to make a stop, so have to suck an inch in each direction from actual size which leaves a 5"8" plate only protecting 4"7" area which leaves part of heart muscle exposed. Bigger and get uncomfortable working in hot sun. In my few covert vests that will hold an 8"10" plate run for dress wear when going to Atlanta, church or general public event. Have two covert vests with 10"12" multi-threat plates for high profile areas but generally only wear to church for Easter and Christmas service or when we do a really big youth event with Christian rock band and can have up to 750+ kids in one room. If something goes down gives me opportunity to get between a perp and the kids.

At church, weddings and funerals where there is a lot of hugging it's a back brace, not a ballistic vest. Doc suggested wearing a brace when work, brought in a level 2 vest and he asked where he could get one. Next trip left him a box with NOS sealed package unit with trauma plate as a tip for getting me off Oxycontin and without major invasive surgery of cervical, thoracic and lumbar fusions. Have to stick with P.T. and my monthly nerve blocks but no narcotics except minor after an especially hard day when get home. Went through nine docs to find one willing to work this hard. If you have serious back issues may want to try wearing a well fit vest, takes a lot of stress off the old back and serves double duty.
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