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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post

Wish I could keep playing but these nice folk are waiting on me to check in to preop so keep pain level down in the back so can keep off the narcotics. Didn't even get to post the plates that came in today's early mail. But no, don't know sh!t from Shinola about generators, batteries, capacitors, electricity in general, body armor, clean air or squat. Keep on flaming and share some expert information also. All of 2016 and thus far 2017 without any Oxycontin after a five year run of the crap. Gotta head into preop, toting all my sh!t will break a man's back.

Well, you didn't answer my questions, you just engaged in bravado and became indignant.

Why would you use a transformer as a capacitor? (i.e. turn a pole pig into a capacitor)? These were your words.

So why did you connect capacitors in series if looking to increase energy storage?

Capacitors can certainly be used to smooth out the supplied emf from a battery bank, as well as but you never alluded to power conditioning with what you initially wrote.

I assume you've got the inverters to go with them?

I didn't realize asking a question was flaming. You're a bit sensitive, better up your pain meds.

Post more pictures.

Since you're off the pain meds, are you allowed to go to the range and post video of your 6 second el prez like you said you were going to do?
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