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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Actually can mate every piece to matching fatigues, usually in Nomex or other fire resistant varients, Goretex cold weather/rain gear down to gloves socks, balaclavas, helmet covers and more. Mostly buy uniforms for flight crews and airborne troops as more pockets, better made and madatory fire resistant now. Armored vehicle crews are getting issued similar now. Got email in today's batch going through from my Brit hookup, said he has samples of Brit version of Multicam on way. Soon as in his hands will forward to me. In addition to used, new old stock am a dealer for a small but we'll made U.S. vendor and trying to get a Safariland/Protech and other brands they have absorbed. When selling to doctors they prefer new kits with current manufacture dates and warranty cards. While buy mostly NOS for myself, over half still had tags and makers honored the start of five year warranty from my date of purchase as first user.
I'd recommend standardizing on one uniform/camo style for your group, easier to identify each other and the enemy.

...Have a rule, every piece of body armor can snipe for $30 or less buy. On occasion get new in sealed package, sometimes lemons but use those for testing older and abused vests. Never had a U.S. name brand Kevlar, Spectra, Gold Shield or anything but Zylon fail and it was made from Chinese supplied fibers. Had one Tworn fail purchased purposely from Hong Kong. With latest shipments now over a dozen rifle kits plus half dozen panels to be sacrificed. Have dozens of level 2a, dozens of 2 and same with 3a. Have over 150 trauma plates of which 50 or so are in the shoot it up pile. Once start buying volume, sellers find you and clear stock that they don't need, I do and do it at fair prices.
You must have a big home with lots of storage space.

...When get all data compiled own url,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and negotiating on more to build a super site with no advertising. Can pull a good effort out of the ground just with my stuff but when reach out to friends and family will get deep. One first cousin has over 30 full autos and all are nice units. It's a lot of product type catalog shots, action shots and will have to stream some video. Acquired three GoPro cameras along with a high definition camera and working on slow motion video. May take a few years but going to put together a site where only bias is mine. Won't owe my soul and reviews to sponsors and folks who donate materials. Takes longer as its all cash out of my pocket but my server will handle it.
That sounds interesting.

..When start adding electronics, radar hacking, seismic sensor arrays, fill out ham radio, microwave, solar, green energy, generators, battery banks and all the toys I play with then have friends add their projects will be fun. Have over a dozen friends with pole transformers. When turn a pole pig into a capacitor have some real energy. We built a capacitor bank with over 1,000 capacitors once for a project and wanted to see how many could link. One too much out of spec and would pop then like Christmas lights figuring out which bulb blew. Haven't even begun to touch on gas masks here, breath packs, air filtration and such. Going to mostly concentrate on building it all into my sites than roll into multiple threads that roll off every few weeks.
Not sure what your point is here, why use a device designed to step voltage up or down as a capacitor? Also, capacitors are good for releasing energy quickly, but not maintaining an EMF, a battery bank makes more sense. While they use huge capacitor banks for fusion research and they store huge amounts of energy (they need to bleed the energy from the grid over months or they would cause blackouts) it is the ability to dump the energy quickly which makes a capacitor desirable, not for providing energy over time. Plus, a lot of transformers have PCB's, wouldn't want them getting shot and leaking all over your compound.

Also, why would you connect the capacitors in series? The effective capacitance is increased in parallel, and is reduced in series. If you're connecting them in series (i..e checking for burnt out Christmas tree lights), you're doing it wrong.
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