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Originally Posted by Herr Walther View Post
What is protecting the radiator from gunfire? You didn't mention that. Take out the cooling system and you are dead on the road in 10 miles or less.
But that ten miles without sucking up a round to the body is enough distance average car jacker or gang bangers to no longer be of concern and have law enforcement involvement in getting rest of way home safely.

Originally Posted by 1769 View Post
Just my 2 cents. But, if you need an armored vehicle to drive into the city. You shouldn't be driving into the city.
Wish we didn't but had to go into Atlanta for wife to have outpatient this morning with an 7:30 arrival which had us sitting dead stop or crawling at 5 to 15 mph in commuter traffic on I-85 south for 90 minutes. Anyone could have done anything and your trapped, can't go forward, reverse or even swap lanes. We tried local doctors for some of our issues with very poor luck. With some issues have to go to a large population center to find the best specialists. Our back surgeons handles half the PGA professional golfers with bad backs and my primary orthopedic surgeon is the default knee surgeon for U.S. Olympic Ski & Track teams along with shoulders whicjh includes the Braves pitching staff. What I pay per month for insurance and going to get the best doctors I can find. If means going into the city and occasionally passing through risky areas do best we can to mitigate the risk.

As to $5,000 being pocket cbange, nope it's still real money but my health insurance is $3,500 per month and by time we pay deductibles, copays, wife's medicine her Medicare & supplemental doesn't cover $5,000 is right on the nose of our average months total health cost. We would be much better off if I filed for disability and let Uncle Sugar pick up most of the tab which am a shoe in as had seven doctors declare me disabled. I enjoy working and so as long as I can will continue. My retirement plan is to quit when they carry my dead body out of my building or off a job site.

If was just the $5,000, asking for both cars firm, would have popped on the 1985 S 320 with armor package. Both needed new tires to feel safe which is $1,400 to $2,000 for good set mounted on the run flat system in wheels and supposed to be run flat tires to work properly. Surely would have had a few issues when took in for service and could have been in $10,000 real fast. Had felt tires were serviceable would have driven the '85 model home. The Crown Victoria need to look at and see if has the armor package still in doors for sure as a lot of departments lull those before they auction them. With good service records, good tires and the $2,500 price if armor is in it will use for an interim vehicle till find something more appropriate with bullet resistant glass. Anyone that doesn't intuitively understand why want such for driving into Atlanta likely won't be able to explain why want such a vehicle. It's like body armor, people get it or they don't.
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