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We looked at both and called our mechanic who had me check a few things and recommended not buying either. Said would be fine cars till first major systems failure and would cost more than prices of them to repair. Back to looking at the Crown Victoria for commuting or just keep using the big Dodge diesel. Both needed tires even though tread was decent were starting to show signs of dry rot as owners of both only drove them once every few months as had newer versions. Doc swore it was a good car but our wrench said the AWD would be a five figure fix if transmission went out and not as easy to part out as thought. Few need parts for either of that generation as go to crusher when they die.

Seemed like a good idea and will keep looking. Our mechanics wife drives a Mercedes G500 that he bought for a steal from guy 48 hours before bank was going to reposess it. Was ables to get for payoff and owner had traded a 7 series BMW plus put cash in then after two years lost everything in a bad investment. The G Wagon is a seriously reliable machine for them. Keep our eyes open and the right vehicle will pop up for us to be old folks driving around lost at 10 MPH under the speed limit in left lane of I-85 going into the city.
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