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Originally Posted by jcornss View Post
I gotta ask the obvious question..... Is having an armored vehicle really necessary to make Dr runs to Atlanta? And yes, I'd avoid a 12 year old Benz. The engine may run forever, but every dammed thing on those cars is controlled via an ecu of some sort. Those electronics are complex and pricey.
I have been working as a volunteer in hospitals emergency preparedness plans for years. Started with nothing but emergency communicator via ham radio till head of security discovered I had other skills and the facilities manager discovered I was licensed and insured to to work on commercial antennas along with emergency power systems.

Had a downdraft micro-burst clean the antennas off roof of hospital and within 30 minutes had the ham radio systems back online as had spare antennas, jumpers and lightning arrestors placed as close to their location on roof as possible. Their repeaters to ambulance and security fleet were both down and as maintenance supervisor had a team standing around wringing their hands I came in the door from roof, reset our machines and guy in radio room keyed both up and said we were live. Told me Motorola had so many calls from 911/fire/sheriff/police/DOT/everyone that hospital would not be back on air till Fire Dept and Sheriffs Dept was online. I went to truck and grabbed a few antennas of mine and got the ambulance and security repeaters back up in another half hour which made me a handy person to keep around.

Ended up with all access key to two Georgia Regional Coordinating Hospitals and mainly interface through their FEMA/GEMA staff which is tied closely with security directors. Each RCH has about 10 to 12 smaller hospitals under its "flag" and if have major regional emergency the RCH coordinates all the efforts of hospitals under it within the region. if one hospital ha to be evacuated for fire or tornado hit then the RCH decides how best to distribute the patients and incoming victims from community. If required they activated the mobile hospital group and volunteer emergency communicators handle much of the communications chores. A few small incidents combined with several state level drills where we presented the digital side of emcomm where we could send files, images and records instead of just talk into a microphone we went from glorified C.B. hillbillies to "must have" asset whenever they had troubles.

Started visiting others to determine we were basically least prepared for an emergency that involved disruption in regular communications. Found myself with $50,000 in grant money for our RCH and told to get ham radio fully implemented into the RCH and work with ham radio groups in other counties to get ham radio in their hospitals. Three didn't have ham radio organizations so our group stacked them out and helped recruit local volunteers and train them. So I got a huge dose of reality check on hospitals.

They are businesses and must run in the black or at least close to it. Empty beds means high cost of operation thus lost money. Have to staff and maintain all facilities so can't have a huge wad of rooms and beds empty and most run about 85% capacity. Now can double up moving beds into single rooms and make dual patient rooms, line halls with beds, etc but still have a saturation point as most hospitals get their blood orders daily. 24 hours without blood delivery and they grind to a halt. Can suspend all non critical operations such as knee and shoulder surgeries but if a major emergency happens they only have so many doctors, resources and room.

Major event happens and all the hurt/sick people head to hospital and there is no room at the inn. What will some do? Exactly what the tweakers and dopers that are in withdrawals do. Swarm the emergency room and end up going nuts when turned away. Most dangerous place in almost any town is the local emergency room. Ours has a four sided mirrored glass room with a group of security officers dressed in SORT gear 24/7/365 and job is when patient becomes violent they are to put them down, shackle and have gone in 90 seconds. Happens not occasionally or regularly but almost daily if not multiple incidents per day. We live in Mayberry, imagine cities like Atlanta and hospitals like Grady in the middle of the "war zone".

My ex fiancee was an orthopedic surgeon at Grady. She would go in for a shift and might be 36 hours getting home if had weekend on-call. Many of the people she was putting back together got busted up in the hospital parking lot or emergency room. Our hospital it is common for a doper to be turned away, escorted to door by security and then either come back with a weapon or commit suicide in the parking lot. While most is very discrete even to staff, most hospitals biggest issue is security. Imagine pandemic or major natural event and hospital is overwhelmed and locks the doors. Your wife is dying and wont let you in, what are you going to do?

Works like this... Soon as it is realized things are going toward chaos the security team locks all the doors and all entry is controlled through emergency back doors via ambulance. Portable hospital is deployed away from main campus in middle of town and announcements made if have medical emergency to go to location x, your primary care, Doc in the Box, etc but hospital campus is maxed out and closed. Soon as security gets doors secured Law Enforcement or Reserve/National Guard sets up perimeter as far from main buildings they can maintain. First few hours the facility is maxed, we go to putting people in halls, conference rooms, etc but have run out of blood, drugs and food. Hope the helicopters are coming with supplies, staff and more security. Thats worse case.

Between wife and I one of us has a minor outpatient at Piedmont or Shepard Spinal Center once every three to six weeks if not more often. Its nature of an aging society. The parking decks are rift with homeless and i.v. drug addicts and if look like have money or meds your a target. 80% of the body armor I sell is to doctors. Go to Grady Memorial, Northside, Piedmont and other metro hospitals. Walk the doctors parking deck and count the number of S Class Mercedes with armor packages, where do you think we found the one we are going to look at tomorrow? Belongs to a doctor that is friend of a doctor I sold a vest to. They don't like the trip from parking deck to back door and after dark are usually escorted by security.

Grady Memorial is a downright war zone and why all critical operations are to floor such as servers, security video surveillance rooms and control centers. Except in patient rooms, restrooms and exam rooms there are few blind spots for the cameras. They have a group of people watching monitors in multiple rooms 24/7/365 and do the best they can. Car with big rims, crazy paint and four minorities in black hoodies turns in parking lot are marked immediately. watched where park, where go, when enter building security officers are close and till intent is determined they are always seconds away from being pounced upon. This is so seamless and discreet patients, visitors and staff don't realize how much is going on to hold the fort.
two elderly people in a Cadillac using walkers or one in wheelchair are invisible.

After the Presidential election there were protests in Atlanta every weekend and Friday is the day my back guy does the bulk of his procedures. Two trips that time frame we had to be detoured by police around protests where bottles, bricks and other crap was being thrown. Cars were burning and even interstate off ramps closed to keep people out of the areas that had gone Chernobyl. Two weekends in a row hundreds of people that were part of thousands across the city walked out in the middle of where I-75/I-85 meet in middle of city for about 20 miles and shut down 18 lanes of traffic sitting down in the middle of the interstate and innocent people in cars were caught up in that mess.

Amy trip into the city if the natives decide to riot and freak out it can get nasty anywhere at anytime. Hospitals draw a certain type of criminal out and most are desperate. Navigating the roads if active protests are happening can be horrible. One trip into the city Nobama had come to speak, they closed I-85/I-75 from the airport to downtown, closed a lot of the bridges that crossed the intestate and if trying to get out of town then it was city wide gridlock trying to go through some of the worst neighborhoods in Atlanta. Same thing happened when Joe Biden came to town to raise money and get votes as did when V.P. Pence came to town recently. I got trapped in the city all three of those events and was told when Trump came to Atlanta it was 5 times worse than when Nobama did as the natives were not hating on Nobama.

Getting out of the city took me three hours just to get out of the metro area heading toward Athens which is the wrong way to the house. Turned a 70 minute drive into a six hour drive to work around the mess of people trying to get to the north-side where most commuters come from. Spent at least two hours at a dead stop in "the hood" as weaved around trying to find a way out of the maze. All the restaurants had filled with professional commuters who just parked and sat it out till the interstate opened back up. Any trip into any major city can turn to sh!te in a second and for people like me that are not very in tune with what streets are safe and which are not can go crappy sitting in gridlock looking at hundreds of obvious gang bangers looking at cars like dinner.

Couple years ago one of our members was robbed at an ATM in Columbia SC. He was packing and still they got the total drop on him. Wife is from Columbia area, her family and friends tell her not to be in the "Five Ponts" district at all but especially after dark. Was going through Columbia with a dear friend, big farm boy 6' 4" 290 pounds in a SUV after dark on a Friday night and said when went through two neighborhoods ran every red light possible. Said the M.O. was gang bangers on every corner. Stop at one light and if white, nice vehicle and females wearing jewelry with purses in seat spotters would call ahead and if got pinned at next light or two then bricks would come through all windows, guns pointed at you and told if give over all purses, wallets and jewelry will be allowed to leave alive but not to look back or stop else would be shot before or at the next light. Don't call o cops while still in their hood. There are areas of Atlanta like that as well and are bigger with more of them. She said he nor his wife ever took their hands off their guns and told her to get hers out and have ready as had to go the route were on due to road construction.

Going through NYC we got in wrong lane on George Washington Bridge and suddenly found ourselves lost in a really bad place and all the GPS did was keep saying "when possible make a legal u-turn" we would turn around and dang machine would say the same thing. A black taxi cab driver started waving at us frantically and pulled up screaming at us not to roll down windows and we needed to get out of that neighborhood now!!! I just waved my hands and made circles with my forefinger indicating we were lost. He hollered to follow him and not to stop for anything including red lights or stop signs. He hammered us out of that part of NYC and got us onto the interstate going north, waved and took the next exit.

We wandered on foot into a Sharia Law community on our last real trip to Paris. Five men backed us into a corner but wife and I were both in heavy leather boots, leather coats with stab panels and when realized we were about to be dogfood pulled my big Spiderco out of rear pocket and gave to wife (before her mobility issues had begun to show) told her soon as I made a step toward the men based on how it went for her to run away, back he direction we came from and not to look back or would turn to pillar of salt. said to start slashing with the knife if anyone grabbed her and i pulled a Damascus Tanto from small of back and broke toward the men, wife did an end around and when they realized my intent was to kill them they broke and ran allowing me to follow wife. Was our last walking tour of Paris as they don't place signs telling you when entering a Sharia Law community and my white wife showing skin was a sin and were later told was an easy way to get raped then killed while husband was forced to watch.

Cities are only on edge of control most of the time. Something as simple as a court decision a group doesn't like and cities across the country burn. Buddy and I were working our way up the Dali coast from Joshua Tree toward Yosemite with stops in Suicide/Tahquitz, Mickeys Beach and other well known rock climbing areas when L.A. exploded due to the Rodney King verdict. We had guns and were unsure is were going to make it out of L.A. alive. It was dicey more than once with damage done to the rental car and us thanking God had the full coverage insurance, guns and were relatively nimble. We went to Vegas to climb at Red Rocks instead and they were rioting there but as long as stayed on the strip cops and hotel security had it locked down. Getting to Red Rocks in morning was o.k. but back to the hotel in evening was sketchy so finally drove out to the Black Velvet Canyon and camped rest of the trip to stay out of the city.

Maybe its bad luck, maybe its amount I travel and places go, or combination of many factors but have seen a lot of sh!te go down in cities. More than a few times knew my life was in danger and its just getting worse. Getting older, wife in wheelchair and have to go to Atlanta for best medical care. If I can do anything to make it safer I will. When I was a kid would walk all over Atlanta during Christmas with my mom and little brother shopping and looking at Christmas decorations. Now I go for work and doctors and seen more crap since the last election in Atlanta than entire life. Its getting exponential, we will have to keep going back and if I want to find me a serviceable S Class Benz with an armor package think its just smart thing to do.

While the huge section of I-85/I-75 had collapsed following the big fire we had to take alternate routes to doctors every trip. Found ourselves in many neighborhoods didn't want to be and would not have if interstate had not been shut down. That could happen again, Spaghetti Junction could collapse and all traffic into the city would be through neighborhoods outsiders don't know. Why we are looking at a well serviced but disposable armored Benz. something expensive that is critical to function dies and we part it out and look for another. Have armor packages in door of my daily driver and wife's truck that came out of cop car doors rated NIJ 3a but all the glass around us is zero protection from anything but rain. I will be going to Shepard Spinal Center the rest of my life and wife will be going to Piedmont and both to Emory so we are going to find a ballistic protected vehicle to do it in. I am not a victim of anything but my on poor choices so making a choice to provide safety for us as we do the doctor routine in the city.

Want to have some fun, take your white American @$$ for a walk through La Paz in Bolivia. Makes Lima Peru and Bogata Columbia seem like a walk in he sunflowers with a bunch of hippies. bible says I am responsible for the safety of my family and household, not the police, government or military. Me! So if my wife gets hurt because I don't recognize a threat and take steps to mitigate that threat then I become an @$$. $5k on a clunker Benz thats bulletproof sounds like a fine idea. Also going to look at a 1995 S 320 as has less crap to break even if ten years older but has been called the most over engineered and reliable car in the world. The AWD and V8 of the S 430 would be good for evading but also might be what goes loopy and leaves us abandoned on side of road. Am not looking for pretty, just armored and gets us where we are gong and back.
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