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Originally Posted by Tak View Post
To a large extent, I think the problem is less their places of genetic origin and more their unwillingness to become Americans, integrate into our culture, and adopt our values.

One of my ancestors was a 'minority' but guess, what? He wanted to be American, became part of our nation, worked hard, and had kids who were as American as anyone could ever be. That's how it should work. Somewhere along the way, this stopped happening. Which is why we're in a death spiral.
the reality is that ethnic replacement of whites is the agenda of the left, the democrat party and their RINO party allies.

there is only one rational response to that: there will be civil divorce or else civil war;

the latter being the default choice; whereas failing to choose is making that choice.

the civil war choice has been in effect for a while now.
"if you cannot trust people with freedom, then how can you trust people with power?" It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.
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