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Well Dominica had a chance as a great island nation

Thing was it hardly lasted one generation after they rebelled then raped and murdered their french masters out.

The Frogs created castes in Hati, those in higher station were 1/4 to 1/8th actual Negro, same shit happened in Louisanna.
Hatians were not stupid
this is one of the things they built AFTER tossing the Euros out:

Largest fortress in the Americas designed and built by Hatian Negros AFTER they kicked all Whites out by King Henri Christophe, yeah NEGRO
Blacks can and have done great things
His grand Palace was once a wonder of that period

Thing was the government imploded, by the 19th century it became a shithole and it has been since.

Thing is though Blacks designed this place, there are hundreds of cannon cast by Negros. I was there years before UNESCO got involved, it's mindblowing, by the mid 19th century it was an imploded society
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