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Originally Posted by martin35 View Post
Or make their allegations in-person to those they disagree with.
Online bravado is likely the only freedom they ever exercise as most cowards and do nothings can do.
A stated opinion on a public forum about a public person they are enamoured of calls for personal attacks.
I call them little toy patriots and weak scratch your eyes out sisters for the most part waiting for a better man or men to deliver them from evil as they always have and aways will.

What allegation?

You have a long track record here of claiming threats to our security from all over the globe. Most of which is nonsense.
Including your latest delusion, that N Korea in the 1950s was a threat to US citizens freedom.

Was NK going to somehow clamp down on our civil rights?
Bomb us?

So please explain exactly what REALISTIC action NK MIGHT have taken in the 50s to reduce the average american's freedom.

Til then, sorry Martin but I am simply pointing out your completely unrealistic fears,,,, with a touch of artistic license.

Bawana jim; 'I was trying to get to the point he would realize that because of debt the world has improved.'
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