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Originally Posted by 2barearms View Post
Damn near every school district in Texas has it's own Police Force
and swat team. If that's a Police State so be it. How much IS a Dead
Child worth anyway, according to the NEA not enough to help cover the cost.

And you never hear about mass school shootings in Texas.

Everyone is up in arms about the cost. If obumbler can run our nation debt
into the trillions of dollars, why can he find a few bucks to protect our kids?

And there are a lots of vets returning from the Sand box. Recokon they might like to help?

Bash the NRA if you want. Hate them if you want. But I would rather support the NRA than have my guns taken away or be required to pay a $200.00 transfer tax on each of my black rifles. Do what you will and think what you will.
Texas, it's a state of mind!!!!

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