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Originally Posted by mike law View Post
Hot-fal, I just looked at the Smith Enterprise web site. Under "parts and accessories" on the left side is a block that says "Chinese parts - call for availability" Same as before. It seems that everyone is real busy these days, so it may take a couple of days to get a return message. You might give them a call at (480) 964-1818.

It took me a couple of tries before I got thru to Ron Smith. He did return my call and he had all the parts I needed. Ron told me that the parts he has are parts taken off of rifles that he has rebuilt with G.I. parts. I got only the parts that are unique to the Polytech - gas plug, gas cylinder lock, crown nut, bolt lock/pin, charger guide/pin, and flash suppressor set screw. These parts were like new and fit perfect. The following have to be replaced as a unit, individual parts are not interchangable - rear sight assembly, gas cylinder assembly, and(I think) the bolt assembly. The trigger housing assembly parts can be replaced as parts. The operating rod is interchangable. The op rod spring has been too short (about 1/4 ") on every Poly and Norinco that I have seen. But, they seem to work fine.

You might check the headspace and bolt lug contact. If they are good,life is good. Recheck every so often. That seems to be the one sore spot for the Chinese M14s. I did replace the op rod spring, that 1/4" thing bothered me. However, I do not know of anyone ever having a problem because of that.

My buddies and I have shot the snot out of that Poly and never one problem. I feed it, clean/lube it and check the headspace/bolt every once in a while. Lots of life left in it. Hope you have the same with yours. Regards, Johnny Lawson
Thanks, mine is running great, i have a new oper. spring on the way from Freds..With a birch stock set, let you know when i see them..I assume the spring holder rod is okay, I did notice the slidepin looks a little sloppy.
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