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What bullets for a Colt Walker?

The wife surprised me with an ASM Walker for Christmas and I've had a lot of fun learning the history of the thing. Funny, she didn't know any better, but she got me the biggest baddest vintage hand cannon out there. I'm thrilled.

But as to ammo, I'm a little less clear. So folks say round ball works pretty well, and that's cheap enough to buy in quantity. The original projectiles were very shaped though, and I certainly have the cutout to accept shaped projectiles. I also have a lot of lead. Enough to cast a lifetime supply of fodder for a BP revolver.

So the question is, what seems to work best in those old things? What shape, what weight, and to a lesser degree, what charge? I don't expect to burn 60 grains of powder in a 9 inch barrel so I doubt I'll load anything close to that.

What kind of bullet mold should I buy?

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