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Actually did a 5.56 build with 5.5" barrel, Battle Arms Development buffer and used a brace shaved to minimum size to fit the short Battle Arms buffer and it is so short actually shoots better as a pistol using pistol brace as designed against forearm. Rigged Velcro strap so can slip arm in and cinch quickly and has a micro red dot where front sight should be and shoots as well as can expect a 5.5" 5.56 to shoot without shouldering, if use suppressor pull on Nomex glove so don't burn weak hand if let slip forward a bit too much.

Have not purchased one of the above mentioned devices but could see it work as a pistol brace without shouldering for my 9mm Ingrams. Anything to stiffen up the grip when mag dumping 147 grain subsonics would have to be an improvement and imagine like my last two super short AR pistols they shoot better using as brace compared to trying to shoulder a pistol that's so short the ejection port is under your chin. Back in the day purchased a pair of 45 acp M10's first, sold and put money toward a pair of 9mm then set up a Trust in my dad's name and loaned him the money to buy the 380's with cans. The 380's can manhandled with can and fact mag empties in under two seconds.
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