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Flashlight was not free, paid $20 for none working unit you said were throwing in trash. So did you just lie when said light was free? I knew its condition and was worth the $20 to me for parts, saw no reason to round can it so rescued the remains. When looking up transactions remember I use multiple cards, some with corporate names. As an FYI, I find your attacks hilarious. To know my very existence causes you so much discord has some sort of allure. Come step into my world and prove something untrue. Burden of proof is on prosecution, not defendant.

Have no need to lie on internet as people that do know me can easily find this site. Have Files members all around me that can walk in my business anytime I am there. No need for me to post pictures to prove something you doubt as will claim the proof in pictures faked. Impossible to debate you only argue in manner no resolution possible, just continued bickering. Grew used to your "drug addict" accusations since admitted fact was taking pain medication till fall of 2016 due to broken back, neck, mostly titanium leg and dealing with cancer relapses at times. You likely wore keys used to type "dope addict" out causing early demise of a keyboard.

Found an outpatient surgical procedure that if repeated frequently do not have to take Oxycontin anymore but took years of procedures and P.T. Discussed this procedure to inform others with similar pain issues and that had to be done regularly to see progress and eventually was successful in discontinuing narcotic pain meds. An accusation of my lying was nobody could be sedated often as claimed. Posted photos of sugical notes with dates to prove frequency of procedures which you found fault with because had to black out information like Social Security number, emergency contacts, etc. Could photograph my entire world and you would say pictures are staged or Photoshopped.

I never said you ripped me off. Only that you torpedoed the group barrel buy when didn't send print promised so barrel company could verify factory original specs. Two Files members sent them multiple barrels and none measured the same and why asked for a print. Wanted their barrels spun to FN specs, not reverse engineering from barrels introducing tolerance stack. Even had a reputible vendor discussing billet uppers to match the barrels. In retrospect believe you were protecting your business of refurbishing bent barrels and otherwise defective originals.

Good barrels and upper receivers from other vendors may have helped more people build rifles without need of your services. I rode the short bus and took me a little while to connect the dots on why the print never came. Unfortunately the person(s) lurking that had access to dozens of original FN factory prints didn't get these to me till too late. By time they arrived via international shipping along with lag time took to gather them the U.S. Operations Manager of barrel company had retired. His replacement was involved in project and wants no part of FAL products due to The Files group buy thread remarks. Assumes will be treated like other modern FAL vendors even if make a great product. And no I can but won't try to prove this. Was told all emails between myself and them were confidential and privacy statement is in signature portion of all their emails.

As have had to do in past am stepping out of this argument as it covers no new ground or uncovers any facts to prove your accusations. Pointless and likely hurts you worse than me as I have no income stream attached to my participation on this board.
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