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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
He is talking to me. Looks like I missed the text below picture of stock when asked what it looked like. Just saw picture after asking and hit tab to send email. Took my money on other deals after our disagreement but not worth rehashing. It's all in the archives for anyone that wants to search.
Another lie. We have had one small transaction - an unusual surefire flashlight, which I sold to you for dirt cheap (took some weird rechargeable battery). That went smoothly. This was before I was aware of your character.

All these other deals, including the one you accused me of screwing you on, never happened. They NEVER HAPPENED. You are a lying piece of shit.

So no, of course I will not sell to you again. If anyone else wants a used 10/22 stock as pictured above, painted green, for $50, I'll hook you up. I will not reward Hueyville / Michael Crowder's slander and defamation with another great deal.
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