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Originally Posted by beseventeen View Post
Melanie I wish we lived closer, I think that we would get along pretty well together!! I only briefly spoke to her at OK, I was kind of star struck so I don't think I mumbled much more than, "omg youre amazing"...

I am doing the RnG's because they are fun and I like them of course, but ultimately I want to start working towards the long range sniper challenges. I want to do the Purgatory one next year and it looks pretty brutal. For my size I'm pretty strong, but I'll still have to do the same tasks everyone else does, and there looks to be quite a bit of dragging your partner around mine will likely be a 200lb dude so I'll hit the strength training pretty hard when we get closer. In the meantime the RnGs will be great practice for obstacles, and what does and doesn't work as far as carrying gear.

And whatever one that Bruno posted about (that really got me going on this whole thing months ago), I think it was somewhere in the northwest, some 30 mile hump where you have to navigate/camp/shoot/etc, that's what I want to do too.

Bring on the adventure for 2018!!!
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