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Originally Posted by K. Funk View Post
I have 3 open support issues, one of which has been open for 28 days. They were usually pretty good at getting back you in about 4-5 days.
I'm at 45 days or so on three non-paying buyers, request for refund of fees.

Overall, it's adequate. But I wouldn't want it to be my only outlet.

Really amazed at the stupidity of some people. I expect people to be stupid, so I spell everything out.

But geez - unless specifically stated, usually in bold or red

- the item I'm selling is the item in the picture & the listing.
- Everything in the picture & listing is what I'm selling.
- Nothing not in the picture or the listing is included.
- Payment is by the terms in the listing.
- No payment options not in the listing are accepted.
- Shipping is in the listing.

99% of the inquiries I get are already spelled out in the listing. And yes, you must send me the payment before I send you the item. Duh!

At least now that I'm putting my website in the listing, I'm getting some cross-traffic. Most of the items I am selling are on my website for less (I incorporate GB fees into the GB price), and there are more payment options on my website.

But I still get checks every week with no note, no GB listing number, a name I don't recognize, and I'm supposed to magically know what it's for.
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