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Originally Posted by ActionYobbo View Post
1 million machining steps to start with + its not a easy one to make. Level of difficulty is right at level 10. Where an M14 would be level 6 and a rem 700 would be level 1 and an ar-15 would be level 0.6 . The amount of machining and cost of machines/tooling makes it not worth the effort for for the few sales. Add to all the other hassles the heat treating that took FN a few years to get right on production guns
Yet a small dinky factory manned by illiterate poop-flinging monkeys in a third world shithole seems to make them without QC issues using only rocks and bones as tools.
All I'm really asking for here is a knife that will not jam and a unicorn that doesn't need sharpening. Will_Power
It's been my experience that all you really need to harvest a deer is a car. They come right through the windshield just fine. 357ross
That poop is priceless. MFC
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