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Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
There were some Imbels that were inch; as in they took inch mags. I don't know if they came that way from Imbel or if someone converted them. I have one on my Ausie and I love it. I would not trade it for a DSA, Coonan, or Entreprise receiver. Imbel is a licensed built in spec receiver. It does not have the correct lightening cuts for an inch rifle but that is purely cosmetic and insignificant in my biased opinion.
I too have an IMBEL inch receiver, looks like a metric type 3 on the outside, but all inch [dust cover, charging handle cut, L1A1 magazine] where it counts. It's forged and made extremely well. If you can find one, you can't go wrong building on an IMBEL inch receiver.
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