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Watched a few DIY youtube videos, belted down a stiff glass of beer for courage, sparked up the Dremel. My variable speed Dremel is now always WFO but that melts and rolls plastic so dont do that. Go slow so you are abrading it off, not melting and smearing it. The plastic is never the same and ends up with a skin of smeared plastic laminate. I sanded theough that skin when I was done, but really just need a new Dremel. Or at least a replacement rheostat if available.

Startsd with a coarse roll, then switched to the finer one. The rolls I have are 0.600" diameter. In vids it looked like smaller rolls. But the 0.600" about matches the radius anyhow.

After Dremel work was done I hand-polished the area with 600-grit wet sanding paper, used dry. Did this until uneven areas were blended smooth. Final texture is like satin, kind of a rubbery feel but not soft. I buffed entire bottom of trigger guard so the transition isnt noticeable.
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