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Have totally stopped PayPal Friends & Family for any transactions. If someone sells or buys from me using PayPal it's with understanding that it will be a PayPal Merchant transaction, who pays fees clearly agreed and any firearms related purchases are called machine parts. A gun is a machine and do not feel that it's lying or cheating to call a barrel or such a machine part. PayPal gets their fees and funds are handled as securely as I know how.

Have separate checking account and credit card use with PayPal that only keep a minimum amount in checking for needs at time and low maximum limit on card that won't hurt if it is sniped. If paid significant amount pull it out fast. Sold two cars, motorcycles & other large ticket items would have hated to see locked up by PayPal. Know a few people who had accounts locked and never got their money, usually because person on one side of the transaction was stupid. Seen both parties get accounts locked so be careful when you file a complaint.

Know a guy who sent a personal check for online item. Vendor used routing/account numbers on his personal check to print checks and use for high dollar purchases wipimg his account before he realized it to point of having to cover the bounced checks as well till sorted out. Seen credit cards get sniped by online vendors or from their records so try to limit my online exposure to a card and account that if both were maxed it would not be earth shaking.

Sent out a Certified Check on a national bank Tuesday to Files member. I don't use USPS Money Orders because of two reasons. First is 20 to 30 minute wait in line at our local post office behind Hispanics mailing used cloths home who don't understand packaging, mail system or "Engrish" and have a nine year old kid translating. Second is if vendor screws you or item is lost in mail by same people who handled the money and shipping seldom, if ever, does the loss claim get settled. I have never had U.S.P.S. pay a claim and filed three total.

Purchased a pair of Noveske 6.8 barrels from a very nice gentleman in Alaska before Christmas. He had never accepted PayPal as payment but explained I would pay him as a Merchant, add appropriate fees and he just transfered his money into linked checking account quickly. Advised him to ship from his official PayPal address of record to mine. Did transaction as a Merchant Sale with appropriate fees for "machine parts". Seller dropped in his Post Office, package was scanned in, scanned leaving Alaska then for over two weeks was missing.

Contacted PayPal, was told to wait time for U.S. Postal to declare missing, send them the tracking number of package and as long as it matched shipment from seller on record plus buyer on record from their PayPal Confirmed Addresses on both sides they would reimburse funds minus their fee without taking away money from the vendor. Your fees pay for insured transaction just like an Ebay purchase. Over two weeks later barrels suddenly appeared in Seattle then got lost for another week between the Midwest and Southeast. If use PayPal correctly it's safest way have found to pay strangers have never done business with who do not have a Brick & Mortar business to interface with if need. Read their terms & conditions well. Use confirmed addresses, pay as Merchant and don't try to save the fees using friends and family if want to be protected.

UPS has lost or damaged more packages than I can count with no positive results on claims filed ever. Have not received two items paid for with U.S.P.S money orders and never got a single dime. Every transaction that went through PayPal that went south has been fixed. Bought a MICH High Ear Helmet with N Rails and N.V. mount last year advertised as Gentex Level 3a on Ebay. What I received was a plastic airsoft replica. Sent in disputes immediately to Ebay and PayPal and money was refunded in less than 30 days due to seller not responding to them.

Have well over a thousand transactions through Ebay/PayPal and the few that went bad I got my money refunded. U.S.P.S. has never refunded a dime on lost or scammed item bought with money order or lost in their mail system. UPS has never settled a damaged or lost package claim positively. Have tried personal checks, bank checks and money orders. Only transactions where an issue raised and was able to get positive results were on Amex credit cards or PayPal. Amex usually fixes things with a phone call. PayPal have to prove used proper payment method, recognized shipping addresses and provide proof item was incorrectly described or lost and they eventually fixed.

My personal rules are pass on any U.S.P.S. money order only or PayPal Friends & Family only. Believe many do this as goal os to avoid tax implications. Have had several transactions not happen in past year because seller said PayPal F&F only then when offered to pay fees myself and use Merchant tab seller absolutely refused. A gift from non family member is taxable, especially a long history of online "gifts". Others may have a different experience but for me I will use what has worked to date as much as I can. This forum is only place break my rules for payment on occasion and send a personal check or even cash. FAL Files is a different barrel of monkeys but trustworthy to do business with thus far both as seller and buyer.
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