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Originally Posted by L/FN View Post
Crazy shit.
So I was the PP holdout for 15? yrs. Just started doing it awhile back.
I remember back when G-plumber thought "me" an ass for not doing PP and wouldn't accept a MO payment from me!
You'd think that by now everyone would kind of have it figured out, but damn.
How does discreet = Send the parts to my Gunsmith!
Larry - you are either confusing me with someone else or you are lying. I've never, ever, had a preference for PP over a check or money order.

I did grudgingly accept paypal for a period of time, on those orders that were not in violation of the user agreement. And always for "goods", never lying to cheat them out of their fee by calling it a "gift". But after the criminal scum at paypal stole from me, I will not use them.

I have always preferred a check or money order made out to me, that I can simply cash at my bank. Asserting that I would prefer a tracked electronic transfer that is reported to the IRS (now, anyway, 1099Q) over cashing a check from a known person is so illogical, that you must have me confused with someone else. Because I can think of no reason why you would come up with such a stupid lie.

So I'll be expecting an apology and a retraction
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