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I use RCBS X Die's for 22 Hornet and 223/5.56 but not tried with 308/7.62. They are the Bees Knees for loading Hornets and work well with 5.56 if first time through my process they are trimmed to length. All of my 308/7.62 brass make sure to use a dental pick to feel for beginning signs of case head separation and can feel it before it happens. That said have Lake City 5.56 brass with six loadings and no issues all the time. In fact have gone over ten loadings when I was young and poor but made sure at some point to anneal cases so didn't get work hardened.

Now I load them four times then fifth loading cycle use for long term storage/end of world ammo use or for shooting at ranges where recovering brass is not allowed. Thus after six firings cases will be scrapped unless fail the dental tool test and may be retired sooner but not often. Recently loaded some cases that have four cycles through G3's and CETME's. Don't know how many times have been told can't reload cases fired in fluted chambers but been doing it for years. I check my 308/7.62 brass for internal cracks, load four times and and fifth time is loaded for disposable brass or long term end of world use.

As with 5.56 was a time 30 years ago where milked every cycle possibe out of 308/7.62 brass and loaded brass up to ten times for use in my M1a's. Have 45 acp cases with over three dozen load cycles but it's so low pressure will take a lot and when finally splits my 1911's send bullet where needs to go and chunks the split case out just fine. Odd thing is with as many loadings do with rifle brass until year before last never had to use a stuck case remover in a rifle. I trim my 308/7.62 every load cycle and am very careful not to overwork my brass by setting back shoulders too much.

I don't shoot FAL's as much as M1a's and other 308's and may be why my brass lasts longer. But at fourth loading they go through annealing machine. If I shoot full power ammo through an FAL with suppressor I scrap it as even after turning down gas unless swap gas plugs it flings it into next week and bends the rims but seldom do this as know it's beating up the rifle too. Usually use subsonic ammo with full gass when run cans with my FAL's and it's fine for loading. Glad you worked out the X Die with your loads as been considering a 308 X Die or Dillon press mounted electric trimmer.

Had a deal worked on another forum for a Dillon 650 with case feed and plan was to set it up for 308 with electric case trimmer, case feed, bullet feed and taper crimp die. Guy had it new in box with case feeder and set up for pistol caliber never unboxed. I posted "will take", sent PM and started working on shipping price so could pay when suddenly seller stopped responding to my messages and a little lurking figured out he sold it to someone local he didn't have to ship to. Could have at least told me, bought a 650 before Sandy Hook and had not unboxed when Dillon went to a two month wait on presses and sold my 650 set up in 5.56 for $390 more than paid for it and all accessories.

Now building a new bench to put both my 550b's, three Square Deal B's and a 450. Building with enough room for a 650 and consolidate all my progressives on one bench, then get all my single stage presses mounted back on there bench and bullet lube/sizers on their bench. Currently have a Rock Chucker pulled to fit a 550 two bullet sizes pulled to fit a Square Deal and 450 plus have my shot shell press on casting table and ture press on case prep bench. Amazing how much equipment piles up over the years especially when don't like to swap calibers on progressive presses.
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