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took some of the out-of-spec cartridges to range. The good news is that all the rounds chambered,
fired and had decent accuracy using the FAL and SCAR.

Unfortunately, had a jam on the FAL and had to pick out a broken case and discovered a case head
separation. Hmmmmm, what's going on here? So I chambered another round, fired it and
a second case head separation occurred.

I have had a few case head separations in the FAL but I thought it was isolated to PMC brass
which stretches with each firing. I shot up all my PMC reloads and tossed the brass.

I kept shooting and didn't have any more problems in both the FAL and SCAR. Since the front
part of the case does not stay in the chamber and is actually ejected, I am guessing this
problem occurs when the case is extracted.

Since all the previous case head separations occurred in FAL and not the SCAR, and that
the extraction on the FAL is somewhat severe, tossing the brass 15 feet at a 30 degree
angle to the front, more of the same will occur in the future as the brass is fired multiple
times in the FAL

The brass in question is twice fired WCC 10.

I have seen the same problem occur in a M1-A FWIW. So I am wondering if this is a symptom
of .308 semi-autos. The powder selection may exacerbate the issue. This problem has only
occurred using BL-C2 and TAC but not with Varget.

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