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.308 Reloading Issues

I've been reloading .308 to feed a SCAR and FAL for the past year using once fired
LC, CBB and WCC brass. After using the RCBS X-Die successfully for .223 and .308,
I have been have a hard time resizing .308 brass to spec using both a regular RCBS
and RCBS SB X-Die.

Using the standard .308 FL die, about 1/2 the brass would not pass the headspace
using a .308 gauge. So I bought a RCBS SB X-Die, trimmed to 0.020" under
max 2.015"., set the X-Die, and resized. No problems occurred other than
the case lube, Hornady One Shot, is crap. This stuff needs to be applied about
5 times to prevent the brass sticking in the sizing die. The Dillon lube works much better IMHO.

After firing the brass in the SCAR or FAL, I can't seem to consistently full length size
the brass, now that is fired 2 times. The stem on the X-Die has been bent a few times
from off center primer holes. When I try the standard RCBS full length die, after lowering
the die as far as possible, I still can't get some of the brass to resize to spec.

I have not had this problem with .223 and 30.06 and not sure exactly what the
issue is. The FAL beats up the brass somewhat and I am wondering if the dented
brass cannot be resized properly? The chamber on the SCAR is tight FWIW.

Which .308 dies do the Files use?

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