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Bringin' sexy back

So here she is, essentially the crown jewel of my small collection of riFALs. I got the kit from a member here, which from what I recall was painstakingly pieced together by Chris aka nwobhm aka Mr. StG himself. I'm quite proud of this rifle, even if I'm not the one who did all the work piecing it all together. Okay here goes...

- Barrel is a '59 proofed FN 'E-prefix' replacement forged unit, never fired nor installed (on an interesting note, it's s/n# is E271...remember on the Empire Strikes Back, when Han said "Chewie, set two-seven-one..." in the asteroid field?)
- Stolle is an original blued FN proofed
- Gas plug is a levered FN '59 proofed...looked like it was never used
- Gas reg and front sight post appear NOS, still have color-fill
- Front sling mount is blued, used, but has nice character...correct 'L' shape loop
- Handguards are Belgian, I believe, and while not quite NOS, did clean up very well and line up beautifully.
- Bipod has NOS plungers, matching # clamshell halves, and original rotation limiter. Legs are correct for early StG (or G1/BGS). Axle bolts show character and, as luck would have it, I was gifted an original two-slot castle nut (with a repro twin -- anyone have another original they'd sell me!?)
- Charging handle is dual-proofed FN and Steyr(!)
- Bolt AND carrier are NOS unserialized FN
- HTS all '59 box proofs, same as barrel
- Lower s/n# is birthday is 22 Oct (10) and I'm the IV/4th...strange
- Receiver is LMT
- THE STOCK. Original. THICK-wristed. Walnut. Pad-cut...and oh so mine

Yes, I've been sitting on this one for a while. Project took some time and Dr. Shock expertly cut the carry handle cut (was originally NCHC) and reparked the receiver to match the rest. He also installed the barrel and headspaced while he had it, and she just came home this week, so I had to take advantage of the overcast day to share her with the world. I'm still on the lookout for a gently used SHINY StG pistol grip (again, anyone have one!?) but I'm extremely happy with the result. We'll have to see how she does at the range...

Anywho, enjoy the photos...and have a good weekend

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