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While I purchased three or four of the full size fighting tomahawks found at a good deal last year due to picture of sharp point side defeating kevlar, including helmets, with a burly swing these mini pocket version look like they might generate enough inertia to open a can of soup with a few strikes. You guys missed the mini tomahawk at $188 with $144 introductory price.

You can buy one for each hand at price of other tool and this one has a really cool skull logo. Some mall ninja jumps out with either I might die from laughing before they have opportunity to hurt me. Of course the story on the mini axe adds at least $200 to its value:

a lifelong martial artist, weapon collector, and owner ofBlackHeart Knife & Tool, has picked up where Pandai Jenal left off by designing his own modern rendition of the Kapak Kecil, the Stiletto Mini Axe. After years of attempting to acquire one of these rare and elusive mini fighting axes, Robinson finally decided to make his own, and did what Americans do. He made it better!
What has happened to the desire for a good basic knife like a Randal Model 15 Airman? Had each of the varients of the Airman but gave them all away, bought more and gave those away. Any family member that deploys to active combat zone along with friends kids give them a Randall at their send off party. Figured them all sitting in my vault made them another estate piece when I pass. Giving them to kids deploying ensures they have a good knife and someday will be the knife grandad carried to war. Design really hasn't changed sine the Vietnam War.
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