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Originally Posted by tac-40 View Post
You probably already know this, but make sure you try out the full range of bullet weights to find out which your rifle likes best. And that can take some close inspections to see the difference. My RPR likes the 130 to 143 grain bullets. The heavier 147 grain stuff opens the groups about a MOA. 129 and lighter works well out to 200 yds but really opens up beyond that distance, close to to 1 MOA out to 600 yards. Of course this may be the shooter and environment and not the ammo, but it does seem to be consistent on different shooting days and conditions.
Thanks for the advice. My experimenting with this caliber is just in it's infancy.
Being a reloader and experience with .308 and .223 this one is icing on the cake.
All first hand information is appreciated. That from the boogey woogey google boys from company Z is generally rejected on the spot.

Semper Fi
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