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I bought a 550B for my 40th birthday and wondered why I waited so long. I reload most of your common calibers 380acp to 30-06 on it. I don't feel the need to move to a larger press. I find I do about 1K or so at a time.

I thought that I would want/need a second press setup so I could have one dedicated to Large primers and one dedicated to Small primers. Turned out that its not an issue. I normally clean the machine prior to starting so I just set it up for the proper size primer when I clean it. A whole lot cheaper then a second press. Money would be better spent on extra primer pickup tubes.

I find that I still us my old Rock Chucker to do small batches, load development and prep work like depriming and trimming for rifle cases.

My goal for 2018 is to load all the brass I have laying around or get rid of it. So I am going to start with 380Acp this month and see how it goes. I have a couple of calibers that I a have 5gal buck full of. That's going to take a bit of work to do.

I think you will find the 550B is plenty of press for your needs. If not you shouldn't have any issue selling it and upgrading as they seem to hold there value pretty well.

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