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Originally Posted by 4x401 View Post

Its not practical from a quality standpoint to just run fired rifle brass through any progressive press. And I doubt many do. But I would love to hear from someone that does things different.
I've seen people with vacuums hooked up to on the press case trimmers and all sorts of crap to load all at once. Really to me with brass trimmings and case lube flying around, there is "case prep" and there is "case loading" and I don't mix the two at the same time.

I'm sure those that shoot tons of 556 and are not really into case prep and fine detail, load on progressives all the time.

One thing I learned is to forget loading milsurp 7.62 brass fired out of machine guns. Never again. Not only is it a pain in the ass resizing but also tons of trimming and other nonsense. Most of the brass was stretched out to 2.035 so lots of tired fingers trimming that stuff. And often after all that prep found plenty that failed the paperclip test. Too much work to rehab that stuff.
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