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Some years ago I was at my club shooting range with another fellow who was having problems with his old WW2 Inglis High Power. The slide was hanging up and refusing to go into battery at least once every magazine.

So he field stripped the HP. I offered him my small bottle of BreakFree to lube the slide and frame. But instead he popped the hood on his automobile and pulled out the dipstick and ran his finger along the entire length. He then proceeded to use that nasty black looking motor oil to lube his Inglis.

I asked him why would he use hot motor oil and his replied that the hot oil did a better job of lubrication than my "cold" BreakFree. I don't know about anyone else but there is no way in hell I would use nasty motor oil on any of my firearms. Who knows what impurities and acids that oil had in it.....

And so it goes.

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