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Originally Posted by C2A1 View Post
New Mexico. Las Cruces is being over run by folks from Kali and Minn. They can't afford Santa Fe so we get them. Amazing number of lesbos here. The rot is like a vein along the Rio Grande except for Tor C, Socorro areas. Silver City is San Fran south, lots of male gays moving in. My rule any more is if you drive thru town and see the artsy fartsy stores, you know someone sold their house in Kali and are working to screw up the local cultural.
Thats the price you pay when you let your little towns become Artsy Communities. I can remember when Sedona, Bisbee, Jerome, and Globe Arizona were all nice quiet places to live. Now, they're over run by these types of folks. Hell, its Vale, Colorado all over again.
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