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Originally Posted by idsubgun View Post
I also use a Galco Classic shoulder holster on occasion but only during cold weather when I need a coat. Very comfortable shoulder holster.

I don't believe in open carry in public. Yes, I believe we have the right. But wearing open only shows people that you're armed, and if a bad guy wants to create havoc, he'll take out the guy with a weapon first. For that reason I feel open carry is a dumb idea. If something happens, I want to have the drop on the guy, not the other way around.
I work outside on side of road in the Georgia hot sun. Wearing an extra layer to hide pistol sucks. Keep a long tail shirt in truck and when go in places like doctors offices (with A/C) put shirt over gun belt but anyone that knows the signs can tell. Have had several situations where the gun openly on my side with spare mags, etc kept bad situations from escalating to point gun may have had to be used. Twice in pharmacy and once in doctors office when drug seekers in withdrawal went loopy and stepped between staff and loony tune.

Open carry is very common around my town. Counted five people one evening carrying open in grocery store. Manager thanks people for packing as says employees are not allowed and makes him feel safer. I try to use discretion as to when it needs covering up but today working in black asphalt parking lot with body armor and a single shirt was hot enough. A second shirt covering gun would have made it suck more.

Since my wifes mobility issues got so bad she carries open about 20% of time like when driving and has to stop at roadside restrooms, etc. When hobbling on her cane or walker by herself having her Walther PK 380 on belt at almost instant access am sure makes someone that has propensity to take advantage of handicapped. If in her wheelchair I am pushing and keeps her gun in pouch under armrest and often put my primary in pouch on back of chair. We both try to think tactically all the time and pay attention.

If I am on isle 6 when something goes down at registers in grocery doubt the perp knows some guy on the froze pizza isle has a open carry pistol. Except for a few incidents with elderly with dementia or Alzheimers since began carrying open on regular basis have not had an issue and sure a few times people were sizing me up and changed plans when saw the SIG and three spare magazines on weak side. Doing remote terminals for Ma Bell in south side of Atlanta, New Orleans, back woods of Kentucky, etc having gun on belt with tools seems to disperse a lot of minority crowds as begin to gather round thinking a single white guy with truck load of tools is an easy mark without ever getting to point have to sweep it from hiding.

My doctors, pharmacist, grocery store manager and even had older women and quite a cross section of people go out of their way to say thank you for carrying a gun. When dressed nice always have a sport coat for nicer places where feel it's better to cover it up. Ling shirt in summer and always cover it in hospitals. Even carry open in all but one of our local court houses and court annex buildings. If the bad guy wants to come for me first it might save a couple of teen girls from being shot first. He also better be on A game and able to make head shot or have knowledge to go for my hips where I will get a chance to return fire. The 8"10" Dyneema plate over soft armor front and 5.5"10" soft panel over spine to bring rear armor up to full capability over vitals will hopefully reduce his round count before one of us dies.

For church have a really cool new set of 8"10" Level 3+ rifle plates that are less than 1" thick wear in conjunction with Level 2+ soft armor, shrapnel shorts (aka Pugs) with Level 2 trauma pads over both major arteries in thighs and shrapnel rated over groin. Am at the point not really worried if God puts my name on a bullet. If he wants to bring me home can be hiding in my house in the panic room covered with a bomb blanket so just don't worry. If die before turn 60 years and six months my dead carcass is worth an extra 1/2 million to wife. After that she only gets $125,000 from whole life policy.

Lifetime of rock climbing, ice climbing and mountaineering without ropes, backcountry skiing by myself, surfing with sharks and a whole lot of other stuff such as slack lining between two cliffs with 100 foot drop, surviving cancer twice, broken back twice and broken neck with fractured skull plus lots more am 100% sure God has the date set and will go then, not a minute before. When it happens going to all be fine as have my situation worked out already.
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