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Hi Paolo, first of all, congratulations to your winnings! Excellent job! Second, thank you very much for all the informations you shared here with us!

Two days ago I went to local military club to compete in a 300, 200 and 100m competition. It is a local event, nothing big. My L1A1 was assigned into a group with Mosins, Mausers, Schmidt Rubins etc... I finished 12th out of 14 and I thought, that not only my skills are not good enough, but also my L1A1 cannot compete with these old school bolt action rifles... Also, I was shooting some old surplus ammo, that also contributed to the result heavily...

After reading this whole thread, I am very positive, that with few modifications to my L1A1 and after honing up my skills, I can beat them all.

Thank you once again and good luck in everything you do!

(if you ever come to Czech Republic and want to have some fun with a gun, my L1A1 is at your disposal free of charge of course!)
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